Photography: Madison Snider

Sarah Rose is a New York City-based Makeup Artist who uses only nontoxic attitudes and products. After working in the conventional industry and receiving a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont (Capstone: Safe Cosmetics), she was appalled at how much pressure the media and beauty industry puts on women to meet the social construct of beauty. This drove women's insecurity level way down and their product purchases way up--and who's to benefit? Certainly not these women--instead, the pockets of these big conglomerate corporations who own most of the industry and even the petrochemical industry! It's one big vicious cycle.

in 2014, Sarah Rose was inspired to shift focus in her practice and switched over to completely nontoxic products, all made by smaller, passionate makers while deconstructing one's relationship with beauty. As a Makeup Therapist, it's her goal to empower her clients to find confidence even when not wearing makeup by using plant-based skincare, diet, and conscious reflection as a tool to heal inner and outer turmoil.

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